You've just purchased a new car, truck, or SUV from Packey Webb Ford: Congratulations! The work is not over, however. To ensure your vehicle lasts you for years to come and continues to drive safely for you, you must keep up with routine maintenance.

What You Can Do at Home

We recommend getting all routine maintenance done at Packey Webb Ford, but there are a few things you can prioritize in between visits in your own garage.

·         Check your oil dipstick regularly to ensure you don't have a leak.

·         Check your tire tread regularly to ensure your tires can still drive safely. You can also measure tire pressure manually to ensure you don't have a leak.

·         Wash your car regularly - maybe once a month or as needed - to keep your car looking good and to protect your exterior paint.

·         Check all exterior lights to make sure nothing has burnt out.

Routine Maintenance at Packey Webb Ford

Bring your vehicle to Packey Webb Ford as indicated in your owner's manual for routine maintenance. The most common maintenance is the oil change and tire rotation. Depending on your vehicle, you will need to do this roughly every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

When you bring your vehicle in for this routine maintenance, we will do a thorough inspection of crucial vehicle components. We'll also follow along with the service recommendations for your vehicle, meaning we'll keep track of when it's time to replace spark plugs and air filters, do wheel alignments, replace your battery, and more.

Major Milestones

While oil changes and associated routine maintenance will be roughly every 5,000 miles, be aware of some major vehicle milestones:

·         30,000 miles: Here, your warranty may be nearing expiration. It may be time to replace worn components like brake pads and tires.

·         60,000 miles: It is time to replace belts, tires, brake pads, spark plugs, and worn valves and hoses.

·         90,000 miles: Here, we'll add high-mileage spark plugs and high-mileage coolants and do a more thorough inspection of worn parts.


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