Trade-Ins 101 | Downers Grove, IL

Trade-Ins 101 | Downers Grove, IL

Have you fallen out of love with your current car, truck, or SUV? Are you due for an upgrade and an overhaul on your daily drive? Look no further than Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, Illinois. We don’t just have a great selection of new Ford vehicles like the Bronco, F-150, and Expedition — we also make trading your vehicle in a breeze.

If you’ve never traded in at a dealership before or it’s been a while since the last time, we’re here to help. Knowing how to prepare your vehicle for trade-in and why you should bring it to a dealership rather than sell it yourself can help you come to the process more prepared and confident.

How to prepare your vehicle for trade-in

Before you bring your vehicle to Packey Webb Ford, you can take steps to make your vehicle pop and help ensure that you get the best value possible.

Keep it clean

Washing and waxing your vehicle regularly is a great way to keep it looking good over time. Before you bring your current vehicle in to trade in, spend a warm afternoon cleaning it inside and out. Not only will this make the vehicle look nicer when you bring it in, but it will allow you to accurately determine what possible issues the vehicle has (dents, scratches, tears in leather, for example) that might impact its value.

Make sure you have everything you need

When you buy a vehicle, it comes with essentials like a spare tire, vehicle care kit, stock floor mats, and spare keys. In order to get the most money for your vehicle, you’ll want to make sure it’s as close to a complete set as possible.

Use the tools available to you

Be prepared by knowing about how much you can expect to receive for your trade-in. Packey Webb Ford offers a handy valuation tool that gives you a rough estimate of what you’ll get for your vehicle when you trade it in. Armed with this knowledge, you can decide exactly what kind of new vehicle you want and get pre-approved for financing.

Tips for extending the life of your vehicle

Are you thinking about trading in but not quite sure that it’s in the cards for the immediate future? No problem. You can start being proactive today and take steps to ensure that you’ll get the most value possible for your vehicle when it comes time to trade in.

Keep up with maintenance

The most important way to keep your vehicle running is to pay close attention to its maintenance schedule. Check through the owner’s manual so you know often you’ll need to change the oil, rotate the tires, top off vital fluids, and perform other crucial maintenance steps.

Stay in tune with your vehicle

As you get to know your car, you will recognize its unique sounds. Every time you drive, spend a few minutes with the radio off so you can listen for any unusual noises.

Drive carefully

Aggressive driving can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. To avoid this, don’t accelerate too quickly or brake too hard. Get in the habit of applying the brakes earlier and more gradually to prevent them from wearing out too soon.

Keep it clean

You want your car to look as good as it runs. To do this, give your car a routine wash and wax. This will clean off any dirt and debris and help prevent rusting, too.

Why trade or sell your vehicle at a dealership?

When it comes time to upgrade to a new vehicle or simply get out of your old one, bringing your current ride to Packey Webb Ford is the smart, safe choice.

  • Paperwork made easy. When you sell or trade in at a dealership, we’ll handle all the necessary paperwork, including paying off any outstanding balances with your lender
  • Get top value. At Packey Webb Ford, we’ll give you the maximum market value for your vehicle based on its condition and other key factors. That means no haggling with independent buyers and no pressure to sell or trade unless you like what you hear
  • Use the money to your advantage. When you trade in, you can apply the value to a new or pre-owned vehicle at Packey Webb Ford. Since this hits the pre-tax value of the vehicle, you’ll actually save more money on your purchase than you would coming in with cash-in-hand

Got questions about selling or trading in? The experts at Packey Webb Ford are here to help! Contact us and we’ll help get you started.

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