Ford EV FAQs | Packey Webb Ford | Downers Grove, IL

Ford EV FAQ | Packey Webb Ford | Downers Grove, IL

The future of driving is electric, and Packey Webb Ford is here to help you make the leap into a brighter, better tomorrow. Ford has already established itself as one of the top EV makers in the world, so if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to an electric truck or SUV, we’re one of your top destinations in Downers Grove, Illinois. Got questions about Ford and its electric vehicles? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

What electric vehicles does Ford offer?

Ford currently offers three fully electric vehicles:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • Ford F-150 Lightning
  • Ford E-Transit

But you can expect even more options to come. Ford has already confirmed that the Explorer will go electric, and you can bet that several other major vehicles will get the EV treatment as Ford grows its lineup.

Which Ford vehicles are hybrids or plug-in hybrids?

If you want the confidence of having an engine but want better fuel economy and lower emissions, Ford also offers an impressive array of hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. This includes

  • Ford Maverick
  • Ford F-150 PowerBoost™
  • Ford Escape ST-Line Elite Hybrid
  • Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid
  • Ford Explorer Limited

Ford hybrids and PHEVs give you additional flexibility when it comes to range and fueling options — not to mention impressive power. The Explorer Limited hybrid, for example, can tow up to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped.

What are the differences between hybrid/PHEV/electric?

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles still have engines, which means they still need fuel and make tailpipe emissions. With an EV, there’s no engine, and that means options like the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E have extra storage under the hood. It also means you’ll only use electric power when driving, equaling out to zero tailpipe emissions.

Is Ford going to make more hybrids/PHEVs/EVs?

Yes! Ford is investing over $50 billion worldwide to build EVs, and its goal is to build 2 million EVs a year by 2026. To get there, Ford isA next-generation electric truck is already in the works with plans to enter production in 2025, and it’s a safe bet that Ford will find a way to electrify its most electrifying vehicles, including popular options like the Bronco and Expedition.

How long do EVs last?

You can count on a new electric vehicle lasting as long or potentially even longer than a new vehicle with an engine. Ford offers extensive warranty coverage for its EVs, and your vehicle will require less overall maintenance over its lifetime, helping you save money in the long run.

Where and how can I charge an EV?

Ford offers multiple charging options with EVs: You can charge them using a common 120-volt outlet using your Ford Mobile Charger, install a Ford Connected Charge Station at home, or easily charge on the go using the BlueOval™ Charge Network. Ford also offers a Ford Charge Station Pro, which is included with the purchase of an F-150 Lightning with extended-range battery, can recover up to 30 miles of range per hour, and allows you to leverage Intelligent Backup Power when paired with a Home Integration System.[2]

What are the different types of EV chargers?

EV charging operates at three different levels. A Level 1 charger is your standard 120-volt outlet, which works with a Ford Mobile Charger. A Ford Connected Charge Station is a Level 2 charger capable of recharging up to 28 miles per hour with a Mustang Mach-E.[2] Public DC fast chargers are currently the quickest option, recovering up to 80% battery capacity in well under an hour.

How far can a Ford EV go?

Range depends on factors like battery condition, weather, and driving habits as well as the kind of vehicle you have. But no matter the situation, a Ford EV is reliable enough to handle hundreds of miles of zero-emissions driving — a Ford F-150 Lightning with the extended-range battery option maxes out at 320 miles, for example.1

How long does it take to charge a Ford EV?

Charging time depends on the method of charging and how much battery capacity you have left, among other things. On the go, a DC fast charging station is your best bet, allowing you to recoup significant driving range in just a matter of minutes. The new Ford Mustang Mach-E can climb from 10% to 80% battery capacity in as little as 33 minutes at a DC fast charger.[3]

Have more questions about owning an EV? Contact the team at Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, Illinois.

[1] Based on full charge. Actual range varies with conditions such as external environment, vehicle use, vehicle maintenance, lithium-ion battery age and state of health.

[2] Range and charge time based on manufacturer computer engineering simulations and EPA-estimated range calculation methodology. The charging rate decreases as battery reaches full capacity. Your results may vary based on peak charging times and battery state of charge. Actual vehicle range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviors, vehicle maintenance, and lithium-ion battery age.

[3] Standard range models can now charge from 10% battery capacity to 80% in just 33 minutes, a 5-minute reduction when compared to previous standard range models while using DCFC L3 Charger.

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