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Headlight Maintenance Tips in Downers Grove, IL

Without functioning exterior lighting, it’s harder to see and be seen when driving at night. Busted headlights or dim bulbs are significant safety hazards, but you can take steps to keep them bright and shining so that you can enjoy night drives in Downers Grove more safely.

Check the bulbs

It’s very easy to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you get behind the wheel of your vehicle and realize too late that one of your headlights is out. You can avoid unsafe driving — as well as an expensive ticket — by periodically doing a walkaround of your vehicle to make sure all the lights are working.

If you notice that one of your lights is out, you can manually check and adjust the bulbs to make sure they’re connected properly. Avoid driving until it’s light out if this doesn’t work and bring your vehicle in to Packey Webb Ford as soon as possible. We can quickly and easily replace a blown-out bulb for you so that you can get back on the road after sundown.

Keep the housing clean

Even when you have functioning bulbs, you may not be getting optimal visibility if the housing of the headlights are dirty. Think of it the same way you would your glasses. If the lenses are dirty, you’ll have a harder time seeing.

Over time, headlamp housings can fog and turn yellow, which reduces the effectiveness and brightness of the lights. You can counteract this by regularly washing them with soap and water. In extreme cases, you may even want to consider using toothpaste or another heavy-duty cleaning solution. You can also let the experts at Packey Webb Ford take care of this — we can restore these housings or replace them as needed.

If you need help with your headlights, let Packey Webb Ford light the way for you. We’re your destination for all things vehicle maintenance in Downers Grove, Illinois — contact our service department and we’ll get you all squared away.

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