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How to Protect Your Ford from Rust in Downers Grove, IL

Rust Repair | Downers Grove, IL

Over the lifetime of a vehicle, rust is a veritable inevitability. If you let rust take over, it can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle — not to mention kill its luster. But there are actions you can take to be sure that rust is slow to grow and your Ford truck or SUV stays looking fresh for longer.

Wash your car

The simplest and most effective strategy against rust is the basic car wash. Thoroughly cleaning the exterior of your vehicle removes dirt and other harmful particles that can scratch the finish and make way for rust to form.

Don’t forget about winter

It’s important to make sure that your car washes also include cleaning the underside of the vehicle. This is especially important during and after the winter as road salt leaves residue on your vehicle. That residue can speed up the rust and corrosion process, and it can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s springs, suspension, and other critical components.

Keep an eye out

Over a long enough time, rust is almost certain to form on your vehicle. Make it a point to inspect your vehicle every so often, looking at common problem areas like the wheel wells, bumpers, and areas where sheet metal meet. If you spot rust there, you can take steps to stop it from spreading before the problem becomes worse.

How to slow the spread of rust

If you feel comfortable, you can handle rust by scraping it off the vehicle and applying a rust arrestor or spray. Since this can leave an undesirable spot on your vehicle, you can apply primer and matching paint to help cover the spot up and prevent more rust from forming on the bare metal.

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